State Funded Preschool Programs

The State Funded Preschool programs (formerly known as Abbott) were developed as a result of Abbott v. Burke lawsuit in which the state Supreme Court established basic program standards for preschool education in the school districts designated as “Abbott Districts”. These standards include a maximum class size of 15, New Jersey State Certified teachers with early childhood expertise, assistant teachers in every classroom, comprehensive services, and a developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to meet the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards.

The State Funded Preschool program is administered through New Jersey’s Department of Education and the Department of Human Services, through local school districts. It consists of a 6-hour, 180-day preschool program as well as before- and after-school care and summer programs for children ages three to five years old in 31 of New Jersey’s poorest urban school districts. HOPES CAP, Inc. is a contracted State Funded Preschool Provider in both Hoboken and Plainfield. The program adheres to quality standards set by the state Supreme Court and codified in regulations adopted by the New Jersey Department of Education.

The State Funded Preschool Legal Framework includes:

• Standards-based education driven by State Core Curriculum Standards and Learning Expectations for Preschool Children, and supported by per-pupil funding equal to spending in successful suburban schools.
• Education program comparability with suburban school to emulate their “recipe for success”.
• Required and needed supplemental (“at risk”) programs to “wipe-out” student disadvantages, including well-planned, high quality preschool education for all three and four year olds.
• Comprehensive educational improvement to deliver the State Funded Preschool programs and reforms.
• New and rehabilitated facilities to adequately house all programs, relieve overcrowding, and eliminate health and safety violations.
• State assurance of adequate funding and effective and timely implementation in districts and schools.

Eligibility for State Funded Preschool Programs: Families with children ages 3 through five years that meet district’s cut-off date for enrollment, and reside in either Hoboken or Plainfield. Enrollment cut-off date for Hoboken is September 30th and for Plainfield October 1st. There is no income eligibility requirement to participate in State Funded Preschool program, if the child does not attend a blended Head Start/State funded classroom.